Why Vision Boards Actually Work + The Best Tips and Products!


I’m getting myself together. I promise I am. Lately I’ve not poured as much as I should into my purpose, and to be honest we all lose focus at times.

(Puts on teacher voice) Raise your hand if you have fitness goals. Or going back to school goals? Or start a business you’ve been dreaming of? Ok, me too.

I’ve come to realize that most of these things come down to having a full-out vision and acting on it. One of the most important things about accomplishing what you want is to…simply have a clear view of it.

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There is no vision that is too big or small, and when acted upon, can grow beyond what you could even think or imagine. With that being said, the first quarter of the year is the perfect time to reflect and think about what went wrong, what you gained, and what you learn in the process.

I must admit, I did not do a vision board this past year. I must also admit that because of this my goals lacked follow through. There are the days, in between the misty haze routines that we miss out on the bigger picture. That won’t be my 2018. Enter vision boards.

Vision boards are a fantastic way to form a clear view of what you want your future to look like. I’ve used them and they really worked. No joke. One year I had an exotic beach, Delta airlines, fitness, and Oprah on my vision board. All that (went to an exotic beach, flew Delta, loss 20 lbs, and met Oprah that year).

The Science Behind Vision Boards

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The fact is, we all have a calling on our lives and we have to rise to the occasion by focusing on not only what makes us happy but serves someone else in some way. A vision board taps into our brain.

It’s the part that acts as a filter for important things in our lives. For instance, imagine hearing a baby cry when you sleep – you wake up because your brain says that sound is important-yet you can sleep and slumber through loud traffic or any other conventional noise. It also works when you walk into a crowded room or family function and through all the noise you hear when someone says your name.

That’s your RAS (reticular activating system) at work. This same part of your brain works for your vision for your life.

It sees the items on that board as important and filters it as important things in your life. You give more focus to those things and therefore you attract them.

Can Social Media Be a Vision Board?

Vision Board Sticky Notes.jpg

I would also imagine that this works when we spend time on social media. Seeing images of others and what they portray are constantly being shown as we scroll through Instagram and Facebook news feed. Somehow our brain probably would give focus to that.

It actually works in their favor, the more you think of their success and view images of what they put out there, the more positivevibes you send their way. With this thought in mind, create your life by having images of things that you want in your life, or better yet just go get them!

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Whatever you want, manifest it by focusing intently on it. Small steps add up to big results. Day by day set your goals and stick to them! Write them down and make it plan!

What are your goals for 2018? Do you create a vision board for it? Let me know in the comments!

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