Checking in. Full of life. Happy about nothing.Lately, life has brought its ups and downs and things have definitely came full-fledge. I realized that sometimes we are moving through our journeys so fast-traveling, working, and “doing” that we never take a break to truly relax (even when we are on vacation). Just this month I have seen the connection between pain and progress. It almost seems that sometimes you when you experience a lot of pain you somehow end up making progress in the end. You come out stronger. This month I accomplished a major feat of launching this website, but literally fell “under the weather” while doing so. So I stretched out across my bed, I pulled myself together to launch. It was at that moment that I realized that even though  I might go through things I still have to “roll with the punches” as my mother told me at a very young age.It’s crazy how roses and some of the most beautiful flowers have thorns on them. Despite how lovely things may seem there is a part of it that can hurt at times. During my time feeling down and out I continued to post articles and pictures as though nothing was wrong. You couldn’t tell I was typing from my bed wishing I could feel better. But yet I pushed and prayed. I skipped 4th of July because I was that much out of it. Apart of me just wanted to spend a few more moments, another day, another week putting my blog to the side. I skipped time with family members. Called my mother and father. Prayed. I never realized how much a normal day meant as I had taken them for granted. Now, I understand. I understand that sometimes pain and progress go hand in hand because it takes you to experience lows to reach new peaks.This week, I encourage you to take whatever is bothering you or holding you back and push through it. Realize that you are not the only one in the struggle that you face. We all experience some type of pain but the beauty of it is it makes us stronger in the end and gives us a bigger testimony along our journey of success.

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