One of my friends told me they might not vote. Here is what I said.

For starters, this article is under the passion category because I’m pretty passionate about voting. To be exact, the first experience was taking a half day off in high school to volunteer at the local polls. I’ve always been excited and aware. As someone who served as class president all four years in high school, voluntarily took AP US history and was told by a teacher that they expected me to grow up and run for president…I am clearly someone who cares about our nation and all of the people in it. Even though my political space and place are not in an office or a position- that doesn’t mean that I can’t uphold the good rights of being an American and encouraging others to do the same.I’ve been talking to friends and it seems that we’ve gotten caught up. Somewhere in between the first iPhone and checking our last social media post we lost it. For some, they never got it. My fire was lit the night of the first election of President Barak Obama. In my opinion, the only better location would have been the White House. I was, however, at Spelman College during the start of a recession as a college freshman. At that moment I was pushed to be a part of something that was so much bigger than myself. Standing still in the middle of a crowd full of ecstatic college students in our Lower Manley student center made me really feel the possibility. Now, here we are. Similar narratives different characters. My friends and I have been chatting and here’s what is on their minds about voting in the upcoming elections. Thank you to #RockTheVoteXACTIVATE for bringing awareness to voting!Excuse #1“I don’t feel informed enough”My response: Google it. We can’t afford to miss out on information because we don’t seek it. Information on candidates is everywhere. Facebook, YouTube, TV commercials, Newspapers, and sometimes your parents. So many sources of information including the people you follow on social media. How many of them are talking about voting?! It’s all there. We just have to find it valuable enough to be sought.Excuse #2“I don’t want to get into political stuff”My response:It’s not political- it’s personal. You have to think constantly (daily) about being led by someone. That person decisions can and will affect your daily life. You need to know who they are because their “stuff” is your “stuff” too.Excuse #3“My vote doesn’t really count anyway”My response:Ummm, yes it does. Furthermore, examples of this have been shown through the outcome of different elections at different times in the United States. Sometimes millennials were swayed by the activism of those who they are influenced by. Think Diddy Vote or Die campaign. Oh, and side note: Have you seen the fire behind Yara Shahidi’s Eighteen x ‘18 campaign? She is what I should have been at 17 years old. She equals awareness and activism and I love it! In all, I’m no Angela Rye [even though I’d gladly wear a T-shirt with her face or name on it]. I’m just pretty passionate about being an American citizen. I really do love the good, the great, and ALL of my rights including voting. It is an exercise that was kept from so many for so long. If someone is trying to keep you from doing something, and others have fought and died for it… then that thing must have A LOT of value. Why not use it?By the way, here is a link to register in Georgia. Today is the final day to register. More info from ROCK THE VOTE found at the link below! You’re welcome!

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