Why I Started Taking Probiotics (You Might Want to Read This)


I have not reached out to my readers since the 1st so…New Year if we haven’t spoken! It’s so hard to believe that it’s already a month and a week into a fresh year of new goals and opportunities.

This year has brought ups and downs, but overall has made me stronger just in the first month! In the last few months, I have made some changes to help my body, mind, and spirit stay on track for this 2019! Late last year I started taking probiotics, and I found out about a great brand called ActivatedYou probiotics.

This post is sponsored by them but all opinions remain my own. In my family we eat good. Real good! When say that, I don’t mean the healthiest foods. I’m from the south and a girl loves her greens, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese, right?

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However, I’m very grateful that throughout my college years I was exposed to various health practices and foods that I may have not been exposed to otherwise. Somewhere in my undergraduate time I read or heard about probiotics and how they help you. It’s crazy how you never realize you need something so much that you could be missing in your everyday life.

Here are three reasons why I need and personally love them!

3 Reasons To Start Taking a Probiotic, Today!

1. Probiotics Promote a Healthy Digestive System.

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Over 2,000 years ago the Greek physician Hippocrates, also known as “the founder of modern medicine,” said, “All disease begins in the gut.” While I haven’t read any research articles on how and why this is true it only makes sense. Everything we eat passes through there, so if there is a way to help or hurt you, yourgut would be a direct line to the issue.

It isone of the most common everyday supplements that people are taking these days simply because it helps your gut by providing healthy bacteria! We have anywhere between 500 upwards to thousands of various bacteria living in there and working in harmony for our good.

I can’t even think of all of the bad things I have eaten over the years that may have compromised my intestinal lining. So I’m trying to make small steps to build that back…green smoothies with this powder is one of those steps!

2. Probiotics Can Help Balance Your Mind.


Who knew there was a direct stomach to brain line/connection? Yeah, me neither! Upon reading some research articles on stress and brain fog, I found that if you are unable to think straight it could be connected to your digestive health, andprobiotics could aid!

Things we eat sometimes control how we feel or think! Do your research on how this could be impacting you! It has, along with other things, helped me tremendously.

3. Probiotics can Help Reduce Bloating.

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I am my most “regular” self and when I take a probiotic daily! If I miss a few days, I can definitely tell! Even though I might eat a higher fiber diet on other days, these supplements help me to flush out my system on a regular basis!

ActivatedYou also has other supplements such as active enzymes that I love because they help break down my food faster and also help with not feeling so bloated after a big meal!

These supplements will definitely remain a part of my diet! You can grab yours by clickinghere.

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Buy on Amazon

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  1. Probiotics wow I think we all need this! I know I do! Thanks for the info!! I will be getting this!

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