Candytopia Review: Here’s What Kids Can Do…Better Than Adults. 

Today I got the chance to experience Candytopia! SPOILER ALERT: Do not scroll if you have plans to visit. Pictures of all the fun stuff are in the post! This blog post is sponsored by Candytopia but all opinions remain my own. Candytopia is an interactive museum and experience filled with candylicous objects. Candytopia was birth out of love for sugary sweets, and most of the art is made from or inspired by…candy. I’m completely amazed at what I saw. I told a few people that I would be going and was met with “What? Isn’t that for kids?” That didn’t faze me! I got my golden ticket and walked right through the doors.

I looked around, and I actually was among children, but I realized that when we take a moment to observe them, we can learn a few things that help make life “sweeter”. Here is what they can do better than adults! 

Be Stress-free. 

I just remember being a child being carefree having fun, never having to worry about laundry, bills, or any of that stuff! Honestly something so liberating now that I think about how so much of my worries transferred to my mama or daddy while growing up. Just because I’m an adult now it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy some of the things I wanted to enjoy as a child. Sometimes I think that we forget that life can be fun, and life can be enjoyed. Really sometimes happiness can be found in the simplest things. Kids don’t sweat over the small stuff and they don’t stress. They leave that up to other people.

Children have a unique ability to do some things that we lose when we become adults. They often lose themselves in the moment. I think one of the main things is absolutely not caring about what people think. As a child before you became aware of other children and their families and the things that they have [social contructs] you kind of floated around in your own little world. I’m sure you cared about your brother picking on you about your dress, but he shared his candy, and all was well.

Be Honest. [Like Cardi]

While I was at the Candytopia experience today, one little girl told me that she “loveeddd my purse”. She absolutely could not stop talking about it. Kids don’t have any preconceived notions about society or the world around them for the most part. And for the most part, you were brutally honest and you didn’t care about what people thought about what you said as a child either. Literally, an entire show was dedicated to kid saying the darnest things! I’m not saying that you should go around hurting feelings but I think you should be completely honest when people ask you things. There is absolutely value in that as adults.

Sing me something, Ray.

Be Playful.

Kids have fun when people are looking and they don’t care who is looking. It kind of reminds me of my mom she loves to have fun when the environment calls to have fun, of course. Laugh, dance, and live on the edge.  The Candytopia hosts were dressed in blue or white candy jumpsuits and were very energetic!

Of course, I also saw so many kids living their best life and they weren’t worried about taking a selfie. They weren’t worried about who was looking at them play. They literally just played uninterrupted and unbothered with anybody else. As adults, we don’t get to play as much anymore, but we should definitely think about living our best life and not worry about anybody or even going back-and-forth with them, lol.

As a child, if things got rough you would literally say “ok” or would just go find another way. When you are around three, four, or maybe even five you didn’t worry about who didn’t want to play with you! You ate candy, played a made-up 1 person game if you needed to, and all was well.

I’m always saving my brother!  

Peace Up. A-town Down. This hat is made with 2,200 grams of sugar.

Be Risky.

Children live on the edge- and often. When was the last time you lived on the edge? That could range from flying on an airplane, jogging around your neighborhood, or traveling to a new place alone. Kids are not afraid to do things that people tell them not to do. Partly because they don’t know the danger or risk, but they do understand that satisfaction or reward might overcome that! We should definitely take note.

I can truly say that after experiencing Candytopia today, I’m really committed to living on the edge while having more fun! Have you ever been to a place or had a fun experience that made you feel like Candytopia? Comment below!


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