La Fete du Rosé ATL: 3 Tips For Next Year

Listen, who knew Atlanta had such a curated chic experience like La Feté Du Rosé last year? And WHY didn’t anyone tell me? I digress.

However, if you missed this year’s event which was held this past Saturday, June 29th  at Piedmont Park in Atlanta- I hate it for you. I’ve been in Atlanta for years and honestly this “Rosé All Day” event was hands down one of the best experiences and “good times” I’ve had in the city!

I’d like to thank the festival & Moët & Chandon for hosting me VIP and granting me access to the event, along with hosting my ticket giveaway to my followers- but all opinions are my own! I’m already excited for next year, but I seriously wish they would do another version in the Fall this year. Either way, the next time they drop a date. You need to be there. Here are 3 tips to prepare for the next event!


1. Arrive on time…kinda.

The kickoff for the event started at noon and ended at 8pm. I arrived around 12:45 and that was the perfect time for me. The hours truly do fly when you are having fun. The space was plenty and there were couches and tables in the food section. The earlier you arrived, the better seating you got! Here is my set up below. They also gave out blankets and umbrellas for those on the grass to make sure every one was comfortable! Also, bring a battery powered fan! (A great tip from my Spelman sister, Grace with Curves) It was pretty hot, but it was manageable in the shade. My little set up below.

The park view.

2. Bring your camera. And a charge bank for your cell phone.

There were so many photo opportunities and while the line did get a little long at times it wasn’t bad at all. There were several photo opportunities around the area. Also, you don’t want to be so close to someone like THE DJ Mannie fresh and your camera is dead. This guy is like 75% of Cash Money Records if you ask me. He took the stage along with Dj Stormy, DJ Jay Envy, and the Mad Violinist and many more! They had us rocking and dancing for hours.

3. Be on your “dress behavior”

I went with a long pink dress from the Ultimate Closet ATL boutique. It wasn’t a lot of walking at all and my heels from a Citi Trends were totally ok and comfortable! I was over prepared and brought a change of shoes and accessories -just in case. I’m proud of me… as well as every 👏🏾 person 👏🏾 I saw!

Check out some of my favorite looks below and get a visual for next year! As my mom says, stay ready and you don’t have to get ready! So.. go ahead and start getting your look together for the next event!



(Above) DJ Stormy looked so bomb in her outfit. I had to stop her for a picture as well as get a picture of the gorgeous host, Krystal Garner (below).

When the Moët kicks in! 

Above: When I saw the back of this dress! Whew Chile. I had to stop her! So so so gorgeous!    


You Do NOT want to miss the next event!

Good times with good people is a sure thing!

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