What is the App, and how does it work?

Hi Karisma Crew!I’m excited to share with you all again, that I am on the app! You might have heard about RewardsStyle/ or seen it around, but I wanted to give you details here on how it works, and to let you know that you can follow me on the app as a RewardStyle influencer.You can shop all of the photos above from the app and get the exact or similar products. Simply download the app.In short, app allows you to shop fashion, beauty, home, and fitness from your favorite celebrities, tastemakers, and influencers . For instance when you see me post or wear something you LIKE, and you want to KNOW where I purchased it from you would:1. take a screenshot of the photo2. Open your app3. Shop the exact suit (like the purple one above from JcPenney), clothing item, or similar items.Another benefit is that those you follow on the LIKEtoKNOWit app keep you posted on sales from your favorite brands and stores that you already shop from-so it’s a win win!You can follow me on the app here.The person posting does receive a small commission, usually between 5-15%. RewardStyle is a connected platform that approved influencers use to post to the like to know it app. However, shopping is of no extra cost to you. If you love the item, the influencer is rewarded and you also you get to see the brands and products you love being used by people you follow and support!You can download the app and start shopping items you love.

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