How to Fall in Love in Atlanta


I didn’t write this post to tell you how to get a man or life partner, how to make you feel emotions after a harsh breakup, or as a manual on how to live a happily ever after. The title should have read: How to Fall in Love-With Yourself in Atlanta. My bad.

With that being said, this has nothing to do with me telling you that you should consume even more of you by being conceited or only caring about what you have going. This is coming from a place that allows you to actually be able to love someone else because you actually-truly do love who you are. Here it is ladies.

I believe that we all have a purpose and have gifts. In order for us to really share that- I believe that we must do two things:

Take care of ourselves.

Believe in ourselves. 

It has been said that LOVE is an action word. My parents often said that “self-preservation is the law of the land.”  A significant other  once reminded that “you have to achieve your goals-regardless of what we have going”. And let me go ahead and make a confession, I am a sucker for love. I just love love, But what happens when we fall so fast and deep, that we forget to truly take care of ourselves and achieve our life goals? 

No matter if you meet him at a club, a bar, a networking event, or online- you have to proceed with the notion that you are worthy of falling in love because you love yourself. And they can’t truly add or take away value from that part.

Being in love and in a relationship, I have discovered, is like taking a mirror and placing it to your face. If you look closely you can see your weaknesses and strengths. They come to the forefront and if you think about conflicts that you have had in the past—what was it about you that was vulnerable at that time? Were you focused on giving yourself the best? Who you are before you fall in love often seems to magnify once you find someone who is worthy…so why not make it a good thing?

Take care of yourself.

I think that the physical, emotional, and most importantly mental state determines how well we allow ourselves to actually feel love. If you love someone so much that you forget to take care of yourself then that’s not healthy at all. Do things for YOU. If they love you then they should understand. Guard your mind. Speak only the good things about yourself and stay away from the notion that you do not deserve love -or that it will never happen for you! Say it OUTLOUD: I DO deserve to be love the way that I want to. Keep your mind positive! This is the most important part of  loving. Your state of mind.

People often will break you down easily if you are not strong in who you are. Yes it can hurt a lot when things are over, but that strength comes from the fact that you have loved yourself enough to preserve you. Don’t spend all this time investing in falling in love and giving all of yourself -without return. It doesn’t mean what you do isn’t uncondtional.

Believe in yourself.

Regardless to how your relationships turn out- don’t forget to remember that you are here for a purpose. To change lives of those around. To  make impact. To be your BEST. And that’s a great thing. When you are truly in your zone and in love with your purpose it will give you a much greater joy that anything or anyone could provide. That glow of being who God wants you to be shines brighter than anything. So find your glow, until you find your love…

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