Quarantine Hairstyles: Knotless Box Braids &Things

After realizing that there is a possibility that I might have to stay in doors for a while due to COVID19, I decided that I would take the opportunity to try out knotless braids as a “Corona hairstyle”.

Before I could even look for someone last week, Atlanta braider Yvonne of Sparkle Brand Braids reached out to me so it was really perfect timing. As I was getting my hair done, I started to think about the women who like me are having to plan natural hairstyles around the situation at hand. Seriously, there are more things that I am more concerned about than braids at the moment but since I am a natural hair influencer and enthusiast, this post aligns with my beliefs about taking care of your natural hair despite now going out and about.

There are 3 traditional natural hairstyles that will allow you to not have to make a house call to your local Atlanta hairstylist for a while.

Knotless braids

Knotless box braids are my current hairstyle. It was my first time trying this style and I love that it protects my natural hair and also that I don’t have to get up and do my hair before I start filming any content. “Knotless braids are a lighter version of the box braid. It creates a healthier process because it doesn’t pull on our hair and provides less tension on the hair”, Atlanta braider Yvonne says. I personally love that I made the choice to get them, and that I can pull them up to finish my chores around the house.

Twist Out

A twist out is done on natural hair and takes minimal effort depending on how large you want to make your twist. You need to make sure that you detangle your hair and moisturize it properly. Afterward taking two strands of your hair and twisting it will allow you to leave your twist in while around the house or and take it out when you are ready to.

Wash n’ Go

This is the easiest of the three because it’s minimal effort required. Although a wash and go is very simple, you need to make sure you detangle and add in your favorite moisturizer or setting lotion if you have relaxed hair!

Special thanks to  @sparklebrandbraids  for my braids! I love them!

How will you be wearing your hair the next few weeks? Comment Below!

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