Professional Organizer in Atlanta Shares The Best Space To Start When Decluttering

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Nope.It’s not always good to start in the closet.

I got the opportunity to chat with Kenika, owner of TidiedbyK, a professional home organization company in Atlanta, GA. I’m all about helping you all improve your lifestyle and I feel that being organized is a great start- especially since many people are spending more time than normal around the home.

Keep reading for organizing hacks, tough spaces, and the first thing to do to tidy up spaces around the home.


KR: How does being organized help around the home and how did you personally realize this was your passion?

I think one of the biggest benefits from being organized is the amount of time you get back! Having a system in your home affords you more time to do the things you love and spend more time with your loved ones. By nature I’m an extremely organized person! Growing up I always volunteered to organize the kitchen and pantry, made my bed every day without fail, and really just kept my things in order. I’ll say though, it never really clicked for me that something I felt was so natural was a passion of mine. Really my passion is transforming the lives of others around me and in my community- I get to do that through organization.

KR: If you had to tell a client to start with just ONE space in the home organized, what would it be and why?

I’d say to start in (whichever) space they know they can tackle and win! Small wins overtime equates to big wins! Organizing is a journey and I strongly believe you should pace yourself to not burn out. So, maybe that space for you is a junk drawer- a commonly disorganized space, but not overly daunting. Give yourself enough time to tackle that small space and once complete, mark it off your list of spaces to organize.

Knowing that you were able to successfully complete one project motivates you to tackle another, all the while boosting your momentum and endurance to organize more.

KR: Yes, I think for me starting with my bathroom sink area has been a great start to give me momentum.

So I know for me (which I just realized today- I have a lot of paper bills mail) any tips to organize those?

  1. Create a mail station that is easily accessible in your home and store ALL of your mail there. No mail in the restroom, your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else… other than your mail station.
  2. Pick a day you want to address your mail (I only deal with mail one day out of the week) and decide what happens with it that day. Are some things trash? Should you shred some stuff? Are some things pending? Whatever the outcome for the mail, mark it accordingly in your mail station and discard/recycle what’s no longer needed.
  3. Automate as many bills as possible, that way you will no longer receive them in the mail… it’s better for the environment anyways.



KR:For someone who is not tidy AT ALL, what is a first step they can take to transition to being a little more neat? (Or can you share a Tidy Hack)

Decluttering is ALWAYS a good first step, and it generally doesn’t take a lot of “brain power” to do it. I think the important thing here though is that you set yourself up for success be establishing rules, prior to starting.

A few rules could be:

  1. If it is damaged or missing pieces- DISCARD.
  2. If it’s in good condition, but not something you use often or at all, DONATE.
  3. If it’s in good/great condition, not something you use often or at all, and valuable, SELL.



KR: What are your favorite stores to personally shop for organizing materials? Any MUST-have tidy items you love?

The Container Store is my absolute favorite when shopping for clients. Primarily because they have everything you’d need to fully organize your home. I do like stores like HomeGoods and TJMaxx as well when I can snag a good deal! Amazon also has great deals!  Must have products for me are definitely round tables/ Lazy Susans, drawer dividers, chalk labels and my handy folding board- they add so much functionality to your space and makes your space look and feel sophisticated!

If interested in any of my faves, you can check them out here.

Folding board

5- Section Lazy Susan

Drawer Dividers

Rectangular Chalk Labels


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