Why Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company Orange Took Over My Fridge

I love orange juice. I prefer it over any other type of juice when I am eating breakfast. I grew up with my late father making breakfast and pouring up a glass of cold fresh Florida oranges with exactly three ice cubes for me and my two younger siblings. Good juice is sentimental to me.

So quite naturally when Natalie’s Juice Company reached out to me to share their products I was eager to try them. Just one ingredient? Hmm… must be good! And it was. Although they have sponsored this post, you all can always count on me to be 100% honest. And let me tell you, this is my favorite right now! Before this, I’d opt for the store organic brand but this has proved to be so much better. When my younger brother tasted it, he said “Yeah, all those other juice companies have to step their game up”. The next day he asked, “Can I have this last orange juice?” The following day, he Facetimed me from his job drinking a bottle while on break.

It’s safe to say we are both obsessed. We bought another brand (from concentrate) OJ after tasting Natalies. I’ve never poured OJ out because I don’t believe in waste at ALL, but I had to. Once you go Nat’s it’s hard to go back! It was really hard to drink anything else after you know what fresh tastes like.

In today’s day and age, I do believe in supporting companies that bring you fresh and quality products. We have so much to do these days, and worrying about what’s in the things we consume should not be one of them! Natalie’s is a woman owned company that prides itself on having orange juice that has one ingredient only! They also have a variety of other juices (I purchased the strawberry lemonade in half gallon size, and the relax which has passion flower (look up those benefits). It is safe to say that this brand will be a staple in my fridge because of the way that they produce their products and the amazing taste that I love!

Have you all seen or tried Natalie’s juice? Comment below!

Use Natalie’s Code: Immunity  for 45% off online orders until 4/30/20. Shop at the link below!


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