About Me


My name is Karisma Ray and I cannot run away from writing.


It’s been my creative calling and outlet since I was 12 years old. I was that teenager writing to the editor of the local newspaper. I’ve been blogging off and on since 2007. Outside of blogging, I’m an educator with a masters degree, speaker, a Bill Gates scholar, and a girl who also happens to love film.

I’m a Georgia girl at heart who was raised in Crescent, Ga. Google it.

My life’s story has been pretty incredible, and I just cannot hold out any longer with sharing and telling how blessed I have been over the years. This is why I blog. My primary goal in life is to inspire others to greatness, especially women who are like me. There are so many women over the world who want, need, and deserve to be empowered and inspired. I’m here to give them that.

Beyond the basics, my wish is that this lifestyle and travel blog brings you a little closer to discovering your God-given purpose and passion while experiencing a lot of love along the way.


Karisma Ray

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