3 Underrated U.S. Travel Destinations to Add to Your List!


Lately I’ve found myself wanting to take a vacation to an exotic place to escape the reality of this worldwide pandemic. But, with travel limited, I’ve been thinking about some of the travel destinations closer to home. I’m dreaming of the next time I can hear “Boarding pass please”- and a domestic trip just might to the trick.

So, here are some of the United States vacation destinations I want to check out as soon as I can. These are tried and true vacation spots that I feel may be underrated.

Here’s where I’m planning to travel next and the top reasons why!

1. Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Us Travel Destination.jpg

Puerto Rican Beach.jpg

Puerto Rico, while not actually part of the United States, is still technically a US vacation destination. I’ve wanted to visit San Juan for a while now and the pandemic has made that even more clear. I definitely need to see this beach. Soon! I also want to do some adventures like seeing the waterfalls, trying out ATVs, and touring Old San Juan.

I was so close to visiting here before the pandemic and now the urge has grown even stronger!

2. Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon.

Grand Canyon US Travel Destination.jpg

Antelope Canyone US Travel Destination.jpg

These are two separate locations in Arizona that I have been interested in for years now. So many people I know have seen these U.S landmarks and I feel like I’m in last place to visit. I just want to be around lots of large rocks and take cool pictures. Not too much to ask.

3. San Francisco & Napa Valley

San Fran Bridge.jpg

San Fransisco US Travel Destination.jpg

Nappa Valley US Travel Destination.jpg

There is something special about the west coast, and these two distinctive locations are places I have wanted to visit. I’d love to experience the culture of San Fran and also walk the fields of Napa Valley while sipping wine. There are some great historic and cultural landmarks to hit as well. Like, the homes from the opening scenes of Full House! And I can’t wait to catch a street car on those super hilly San Francisco roads!

What did You Think of these U.S. Travel Destinations?

In order to escape this current reality, I’ll be visualizing myself on my next vacation. I might also find a way to bring vacations to me. We must keep thriving during times like these, but I am so excited for my next trip. I definitely could use it right now.

What did you think of these United States vacation destinations? Did you have travel plans that were cancelled? Where do you want to go for a getaway?Let me know in the comments!

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