It’s Black History Month!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but we can celebrate our history, culture and people all year round. One of the best ways to do that is to shop black-owned.

With the power of the internet and social media, shopping with quality black owned companies should be easier than ever!

I’m shining a light on some of the best black beauty companies to know and to patronize. Let’s lift up these entrepreneurial powerhouses and help promote black wealth and ownership!

Black Beauty Companies to Know

Press on Honey

Get beautiful, press on nails from Press on Honey. Their designs are high quality and extremely unique.

You’ve probably seen them up and around and through Instagram and they’ve also been featured in Women’s Health Magazine for the top 10 Ten Press on Nails of 2020!

Press on Nails.PNG

Lip Revolt

Pop your pout with Lip Revolt Lipstick. According to their own words, “Lip Revolt is a cosmetic brand that caters to individuals who identify as women or gender nonconforming, especially women of color, willing to fight for what they believe in and are not afraid to speak up for others.”

They also support several non-profits including the NAACP.

You can shop here knowing you’ll look great and support great causes, too.

Absolutely Fabulous Shea


If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know I love some Absolutely Fabulous Shea! They are family-owned and built from love.

Their products go on so smoothly and have done wonders for my skin and Eczema. Read my story for how to treat eczema and more on my personal connection to this brand.


Try some beauty products from Alaffia Body Wash. This company was born out of Africa and has a global mission of equality and empowerment.

They create “effective, safe and natural” products for hair, face and body, plus products for kids, too.

And More . . .

Finally, be sure to check out these other millennial brands by black women that are off to an incredible start:

Why it Matters

So why does it matter to shop black-owned?

Unfortunately, America has had a long history of black wealth and ownership disparity. There have been multiple barriers to entry due to systemic racism and even calculated acts to destroy black businesses and black success.

Thankfully, our creativity and ingenuity isn’t easily shackled.

There are more opportunities now than ever to create our own and support our own and start bridging that gap.

So, let’s continue to build upon the iconic legacies of Madam CJ Walker and other black innovators, by supporting black businesses, today!

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