I was recently invited as a blogger to attend the “Foodies and Fashionistas” event, which was hosted by The Ultimate Closet in Atlanta! At first, I was unsure what to expect because I hadn’t attend an event like this before as a blogger. Probably because I haven’t seen one.

I arrived met the stylist boutique owner, Victoria and she told me a little about her vision and company! After setting up and looking around at the various vendors, I was so impressed with her by pulling the event off!

It was pretty amazing and a great idea to spend a girls night out that is not a traditional shopping at the mall experience or bar/lounge scenerio. It left me thinking about how these intimate events not only help the vendors who are small businesses but also adds a lil flair to everybody who attends!

Here are three reasons why you should look up your local shopping event- and also what made this one fantastic!

1. You get a chance to meet fun and friendly people!

At smaller events, you are more than likely to speak to the fellow shoppers as you navigate vendors. This event started on time! I arrived and everything was set up and together which gave me the maximum time to interact with everyone! From the moment I walked in the vendors and the food was ready…

2. You can savor the food samples!

Attending events like this allows you to try new foods that you might not ordinarily try, or not know about. For instance, Jim and Nicks catered the event and they had deviled eggs !While I absolutely loveeeee them, who knew that Jim and Nicks had deviled eggs and did not tell me anything?! They literally were the bomb, and I knew it because on a great day their potato salad is good! You get a chance to eat and sample all kinds of goodies from local restaurants and companies! Even cupcakes like these!

3. You get to support your small business sisters!

I went around and looked at all of the vendor tables and tried to support them in someway! I can imagine after working so hard to start your company and coming out to set up an event that it means a lot to get support from people! And umm, YES for the female DJ, @queenoftheturntables!! She was everything! Besides that, all of the vendors had cute and quality products for reasonable prices! I was going to look around, but ended up loving the items they had! I felt like everything was for me!

It was a complete breath of fresh air attending this event!

I am really proud of Victoria (I guess we are on first name basis now-she’s bomb) for putting this event together! It’s amazing what a woman can do when they have a vision and drive!

I’m extremely excited to attend more of these events in the future.

Do yourself a favor and look up any small business social events or shop and sips…and GO! Support someone else’s dream as you reach towards accomplishing yours!

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