I love Jesus. Despite the mix of bad and good -and ups and downs in life- I am reminded of this constant love He has for me when I make it through big and small battles. I love listening to gospel music not just on a Sunday but any day. These songs below come in handy because they all remind me of God’s love for me no matter what comes. Some of the songs are upbeat or slow, new school or old school gospel, but they all keep me encouraged about the goodness and faithfulness of God. They are listed in no particular order.In this life we go through so much and music, in general, is therapeutic for me. Hope these songs lift you in light today.# 10 Encourage yourself – Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City SingersThe title of the song speaks volumes. Sometimes you DO have to encourage yourself. Press play if you need some encouragement.#9 I’m Not Lucky I’m Loved- Jonathan McReynolds This song helps me to remember how much I’m loved no matter what I do. Such a good tempo and upbeat mix of “Yes Jesus Loves Me”#8 You Will Win- Jekalyn Carter It blows me away that a 22 year-old  has such a powerful voice and anointing. This is a song of declaration that no matter what comes up against you- you can and WILL win.# 7 Still Standing – Bishop Paul S. Morton (Song Starts at 2:00 min)This song goes IN towards the end. If it comes on when I’m driving- I think I start speeding. His testimony towards the end of the song is so encouraging and the tempo. Whew. I love this song because it speaks to making it through ANYTHING when you stand on God’s word.#6 Same God  (If he did it before)- Tye TribbettI have no idea who is playing the drums on this song but it takes my breath away every time. I’ve listened to this song at some of my lowest points because it reminds me of how God has blessed me so many times before. It is the ultimate reminder of God looking out for you. It gives a GET UP and jump around in your house type praise.#5 A Great Work- Brian Courtney WilsonThis song is a slower tempo song, but I got so much encouragement at a low point by listening to it. I knew that I couldn’t give up on myself because God is still working on me and in me to complete what I need to do in life. It also reminds me of the work that God wants to do in me did not start with me and it pushes me to keep going forward on the journey of faith.#4 Jesus is My Help- Hezekiah WalkerI think I came across this song while in undergrad. Total statement about where my help comes from! Such an encouraging reminder by serving straight choir gospel.#3 I Got That- Anthony Brown & Group TherapyThis song is very up beat with a hip hop flair. It’s pretty amazing and lets you know that no matter what you go through you have the VICTORY. I have the entire album and every song is…whew-just GREAT!#2 Turn it Around- Isreal & New Breed I listened and praised to this entire Alive in South Africa in 2011 until it led me to well…South Africa. Such an uplifting tune!#1 Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus)- Donald Lawerence, The Tri-City Singers, Le’Andria JohnsonA comment on this video said ” This song has about 15 words in it …and took me smooth out”. This song is powerful and it is a summon to God to deliver us from ourselves and the things we do to hurt ourselves. I heard it once on the radio and it grew on me. Now I love it. I want less of me and more of Him.

I have way more than this but these are just a few favs. What are your favorite Gospel/ Inspirational Songs? Comment Below!

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