For Black Girls Who Love College And Those Who Don’t

Hi!My name is Karisma and I’m addicted to scholarly articles and emperical data. There are many women of color who, like me, who are  in love with the act of acquiring more knowledge through college, but there are some who aren’t –and that’s ok.  Although we have various life paths, and tracks there are ways that black women, and all women, can shape our society and make major impacts. Let’s talk about the various pathways and lifestyles of each.

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Women who focus on career paths and lifestyles that don’t require college degrees still teach us that grinding daily can create a lifestyle of luxury and personal success. There are others who decide to nurture the home and focus on being a wife and mother. Homemaking is a lost art and must be appreciated too. One decision to attend college or not cannot determine how much value we can really add to our community and families. I truly believe that women are the glue that hold the world together and how we do what we do matters-as long as we are doing something. Writing is dissertation is not more important than wiping up spills of your children. I plan on doing both.There is are several articles attached to my college graduation photo below that include ” Why Black Women with College Degrees are not Winning” and “Why Some Black Women With College Degrees Can’t Get Ahead”.  It talks about the various challenges of black women who do attend college have with finding success in relationships and such. Yes, it could be that we are outperforming our male counterparts in education and so it might be difficult to find someone who is our “equal” but our degrees do not determine our ability to find love in general. It’s a challenge to be in any relationship and find true love but I propose that while we are busy attending classes-it doesn’t mean we cannot find love. Black love to be more specific.As a graduate of Spelman College, B.A. and Florida State University, M.S. I was honored to be the first in my family to attend school on scholarship. This has shifted by focus from being a girl raised in southern rural Georgia and wondering how life would turn out, to opening my eyes to see the world from a global perspective. Just one google search for “Black Women in College” or “Black Women With Degrees” and you will find my infamous college graduation photo which has went viral several times. It is true that we are making more strides that ever before in education, but I also believe that there is room and opportunity for women who are college educated and those who aren’t -to find purpose happiness which can be found from within.Keep celebrating your big and small wins and never forget to be and do your best, find the balance, and make progress in whatever it is you are working towards. We all are magic. We all can win.

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