There’s been a mural floating around on IG for awhile now, and I knew I had to make my way there, eventually.

The Mural

It always stuck with me as something I had to visit and see in person. It became more than words painted on a wall over beautiful colors. Over the past year it has been a resounding message. One that reminds me of what I am- regardless of what the world thinks. It became a thought.

And every IG post I saw with beautiful faces posed and smiling in front of it, it became a message that reminded me. Subconscious and subtle, it resonated with me just a strongly as the first time I saw it. It’s powerful. So first I’d like to thank @peterstreetstation, @thepainterbae, @blackgirlbeautifuldotcom and @nikiaphoenix for creating something that has splashed waves of confidence over women and girls like me.

Black Girl Magic Brown Girl Poem.jpg

The Poem

Next, in honor of the last day of #NationalPoetryMonth here’s a poem I wrote for all the brown girls out there who may not feel beautiful. You are. Scroll to read it.

Beautiful Brown Girl Mural.jpg

Beautiful Brown Girl Poem.jpg

Beautiful Brown Girl.jpg

Beauty is Brown.jpg

Brown Beauty.jpg

Brown Girl Beautiful.jpg

Brown Girl Beauty.jpg

Brown Girl is Beautiful.jpg

Brown Girl is Beauty.jpg

Brown Girl Magic.jpg

Brown Girl Model.jpg

Brown Girl Mural.jpg

Brown Girl, You're Beautiful.jpg

Brown Girl.jpg

Brown Girls are Beautiful.jpg

Brown is Beautiful Mural.jpg

Brown is Beautiful Poem.jpg

Brown is Beautiful.jpg

Brown is Beauty.jpg

Brown, Beautiful Girl.jpg

You Are

You are everything

A gift, a blessing, and a joy

There is nothing that can stop what’s in you

No matter what they say

You are great, you are greater, you are the greatest

When you look in the mirror

Say this

I am beautiful

I am strong

And I know I belong

My magic cannot be measured

Give me anything, it’s transformed

As a girl, as a teen, as a woman

I will be

More than you expected me

Beyond what you could see

And as I travel on my journey

I pray to never forget

How much beauty I add to the world

May I never be upset

The trauma and the scars I curse them

For what they have done to you

Whether they come from society or family

You were built to make it through

Remember always to share love and never become cold

Be the beautiful brown girl you are

You were made to change the world.

***I hope this has inspired you and reminded you in some way. If you want to visit, the Hey Brown Girl You’re Beautiful mural is located at 333 Peters street Atlanta, Ga.

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