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After redefining what blogging means to me this year, I realized that one of the main things that I love to talk about is wellness. Especially among women. We are the moms, wives, daughters, and sisters who carry the weight of so much during the holiday season. 

I always encourage wellness by having a good variety of supplements and vitamins on deck that I can share about. Thank you to Swanson Health for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions remain my own. 

If you follow me on social media you know how much I talk about grief during the season. So much personally has been plaguing me during November for the past years and I finally broke the cycle, yall! I would love to share what I did differently this season. 

#1 I broke the pattern of stress:

But it was something about scheduling a self-care and beauty routine on my special day helped me to be uplifted. In addition to a self-care routine on stressful days, I supplement this with Swanson Health Magnesium supplement to help me wind down after a long day. Magnesium has done wonders for keeping me calm during busy times. 

If you know you are bound to have the same pattern each year, then you HAVE to step out of the box and mix your schedule up. For me, that meant I had to get out of my house and literally make hair appointments on my birthday. Now would I normally do that? No. 

#2 I accepted where I am 

I know we all wish we could have more and do more during this time. But keeping our mind focused on one thing at a time has been helpful to me. Integrating tools like my Project Chick planner and listening to music while I’m working on tasks around the house helps me stay grounded along with Lion’s Mane Swanson Health supplements. If you know that you cannot make events or achieve the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday’s do not worry. BE OK with where you are and spread love however you can whether through a Facetime or card. 

#3 Get Outdoors

I went ice skating for the first time since I was a minor. Get out doors and attend holiday events that might be free to the public. Also look for ways to give back to your community through volunteering. Giving and making someone else’s day better somehow just makes you feel better! 

In addition to these three things above, you have to keep track of how you feeling with journaling and taking supplements like those from Swanson health products. Sending love, peace and wellness this holiday season! 

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