Right now at this moment, I’m on an audio chat with rapper, Lil Yahty. He’s playing new music inside of an app called Clubhouse and is chatting with his rapper & producer friends. This invite-only app is the only thing I’ve been using for the past few days, and I have spotted everyone on here from McHammer to Tiffany Haddish. I even spoke with ATL legend Fabo and heard producer, MikeWillMadeIt talk about Atlanta music. It has been a total digital party and to be honest, it is the best app I have used this year.

I’m having a quarantined Thanksgiving and not able to be around my family due to a possible Covid encounter- so I would much rather be safe than sorry.

Regardless of how disconnected I feel, I’m able to get on my phone or laptop and whip out a blog post or email to connect with you, my readers. Although nothing compares to the hugs, holding of babies, and helping my family cook, I am still grateful for the ability to connect with people through my devices-technology. There is a total balance in this because I can spend so much time using my phone. But, it is so ironic that now it is the only way for me to stay connected with the world outside right now.

I was able to speak directly with the creators of the Clubhouse App last night and told them how happy I was to be able to connect with people: people from London, people who are from Gullah Geechee culture, and people who I now will do business with. Just one app will have the ability to shift the culture, my life, and bring me together with people I would have never been able to be in a room with. You can share your voice, feel connected, and show up as 100% you.


If you have the ability to be with your loved ones today, enjoy it. If not just spend time using a device to connect to those you love. They are only phone call, or video chat, or app away. Call them and tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Photo Credit: Bragg Photography, Darien,GA

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